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There are a ton of things you could be doing now that you're getting hitched, but focusing on these five advice tips for the first couple of weeks of the newly engage life are necessary.

Raw Sapphire Engagement Ring with Diamonds by Corinne Simon
LA Based Jewelry Designer Corinne Simon

1. Tell Your Nearest + Dearest

The worst feeling is when your bestie has this super amazing moment happen and then you find out on Instagram. Highly recommend not blasting it out right away. Take a couple days or the weekend to really let it sink in. Give some time to call the parentals, siblings, besties, sisters/ brothers from another, you get what I am saying —anyone that is so close to you their feelings would be hurt. While it is your moment a lot of people near and dear look forward to celebrating this big milestone.

2. Get Your Ring Insured

It is not at all glamorous and sounds very tedious, but it is probably one of the most important things you do. Your new accessory cost some $$$, so make sure if anything ever happens you're covered.

3. Get Your Ring Sized

If you're the type that had their engagement planned and your special person knew your ring would fit, that is just peachy. However, if you're like me where you were absolutely in total shock when you got engaged (the-had-no-clue whatsoever type) there is a chance your ring probably needs an adjustment. Whatever the case may be, don't test fate whether that beautiful new bling will stay on your finger. I went way too long and its a damn miracle I didn't lose mine.

Highly recommend going back to the jeweler you got it from as they know the rock, how they set it and all the technical things jewelry experts know. And most of the time they will do it free of charge. If for some reason you can't get back to the same shop, or maybe you ordered it online or got it in a different state, make sure to do a little research, go to someone that is reputable. (This is where your trusty insurance comes in handy.) Take pictures just in case there is that one sketchy situation, you have yourself covered.

My husband bought my ring from our amazingly talented friend Corinne Simon. As I mentioned I went way to long and it was a damn miracle I didn't loose it, it is safe to say I was able to get it resized. Since I don't live in the same state as Corinne I needed to get my ring size. Most jewelers have the fitting tools to get you the right size. I happened to be in downtown SLC and went into Tiffany & Co where they were extremely friendly and recommended the perfect fit. I was then able to drop my ring off on a stop over in LA. for Corinne to resize. I received it in the mail a few weeks later and it fit perfectly.

4. Relax and Enjoy!

Take a deep breathe and process. We have to stop falling into society norms of rushing into the next big thing and stop and smell the roses. This is such an excited time for you as a couple and you don't want to miss out because you dove headfirst into all the nitty gritty of planning. Have some cocktails, little backyard party with your closest people and wait a few weeks for it all to fully digest. This will give you both time to wrap your heads around what your vision is for you special day. There is so much out there as far as content so it can be very overwhelming. Before you jump into planning, relax and enjoy. There are going to be many months of planning ahead, a couple weeks of peace won't hurt, but will help.

5. Begin Researching

Now that you have had some time to soak it all in and have discussed your must haves, it's time for vendor research. Of course the first thing is that not so fun word BUDGET. Figuring out your budget is the number one factor when researching. Talk with your fam and find out if they are wanting to help contribute some money, as well as running your own numbers to see how much you and your partner can put towards it. Once you have this in mind it will give you a good idea of what kind of vendors you can have.

If the budget allows hiring a top notch event planner not only will it help you with staying on budget and timeline, but they are in the know of all the talented and trusted vendors. An added plus, sometimes they get discounts through their vendors so you aren’t paying top dollar. Keep in mind planners get booked up quickly and months in advance. Don't wait until the last minute to get your planner lined up. If you cannot afford a planner, bring in a close family member/ friend that is willing to help.

Start putting together a Pinterest board and making a list of vendors you like. This will give the necessary insight to whoever you have helping to understand your vision and wants.


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